Digital CV

Welcome to my website!

I'm Joshua and I made JraineyArt in May 2017 to express my passion and artistic creations. I was mainly painting local landscapes and selling framed prints through sharing my pieces on my Facebook page and promoting my work in groups and paying for advertising space as well as going to local markets/car boot sales to sell my products. In September of 2017 I started my degree at Liverpool John Moores University. I still continued selling and posting on my Facebook page and later started to look into branding and visual identity as that was something I enjoyed on my course. I was given the opportunity to rebrand/recreate some local businesses/charities logos and have since updated the 'Northern Ireland Football Awards' Logo. I also created a logo for a charity 'Jordan's Gift' I am interested in branding/visual identity, book making, merchandise, painting and using my creativity to problem solve. This is where I see JraineyArt progressing.