Edgewater Vodka

As a final uni project we were asked to come up with out own brief and link it to something that I could see as a designer creating in the future. I automatically start thinking about what resources I can use that are close to where I live in Northern Ireland. My first though being the Ballyvester Road (a small windy road that leads to my hometown of Donaghadee). The road always makes me feel like I'm close to home and as a student who studies in Liverpool coming home makes me very excited. My initial research began on the history of the road and what memories locals had with the area. My interest pointed toward a potato field in which I imagined creating a brand of vodka from the local potato produce and the river water that runs parallel to the road. The name Edgewater stems from the fact Vodka is just water with a funky edge to it as well as the fact the name Edgewater as a place is very sentimental to me.

Edgewater Vodka branding is full of Northern Irish slang used in the area in which it originates. This relaxes the formality that is brought with the visuals of the visual identity.

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Sketchbook work: https://xd.adobe.com/view/ebc35bff-586a-493f-6b2e-808118a8fc44-9df2/?fullscreen

Brand book
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