Jordan's Gift Gala Ball

In late 2018, Jordan's Gift contacted me again with the idea of creating a gala ball for their 5 year anniversary of Jordan's untimely death. They wanted my help with creating a sleek and formal poster I had made. Here are some examples of the prototypes I made...

I liked the black version the most and then the navy gradient version which are the two options the client liked as well. They did ask that the square ticket was longer in width like the (second picture).

After confirming the design, I was asked to make 400 tickets which where numbered from 001 - 400. I chose A3 bristol board paper to print on a which fit 8 tickets onto one page. I was asked could I make event favours and I came up with the idea to etch the Jordan's Gift logo onto glass tumblers. I made over 400 etched glasses as favours for everyone who attended the event. Each glass was hand painted and etched with the Jordan’s Gift logo which then was put in beautiful plastic gusset bag with ribbon and sticker to hold it all together.