Organic Machinery

I was given 2 words at random for a uni project I got 'Organic' and 'Machinery'. We were asked to make 3 Instagram posts to start off this project they had to communicate your words conjunctively. These can but found below. The thinking behind these posts was 'What is a organic machine?' and i came up with the human body. Your heart is a fully organic machine that works tirelessly to keep you alive. 

For the second half of this brief we were asked to create an event poster still communicating our words however with other elements like a venue, date, times, pricing and a website link. The rest was up for debate as long as the event made sense and still communicated your original words. Expanding on our bodies being organic machines I moved to our senses and how they work. I thought straight away of my ears and being deaf. I was inspired by a previous conversation with a friend about a silent rave and how that would go if you had no earphones in to hear the music. The puns and the whole idea was 90's inspired with a nod to illusions and using other senses to create an experience (in this case sight).

The final part of this project was to create a book. For this project in uni we were asked to create a book that was inspired by our 'Organic Machinery' project. I chose to interview my deaf grandparents and ask them 'why they are deaf/what caused their hearing loss. This book alternated tracing paper and printer 80gsm paper. I also incorporated QR codes as a juxtaposition to the old/historical information and giving it a modern feel. I also used a black halftone as well as a serif typeface to each image to make it look vintage with a modern design elements. The book is inspired by the iconic Harland and Wolff Cranes in Belfast, This is the location both my grandparents worked and blame for their hearing issues.