It’s not often a country changes and remodels its entire Policing Service especially one that has had many years of conflict with deep routes and political hatred. The political & religious divide in NI (Northern Ireland) is a huge topic which dominates the focus of how Northern Irish society was built. As a part of my Dissertation/Graphic Arts Research Project in uni, I have decided to write about the movement of peace in NI and how the police where able to rebrand successfully and respectfully. I created my writing into an informative publication which will be targeted toward people who are wanting to know about policing during the troubles and the complications of Northern Irelands violent past.

This book is my final piece for university which was also my dissertation.

It will also then be interesting for the people of Northern Ireland to read as well as designers who are interested in publications. The cover is thermochromic and appears black however after holding the book for a while the real cover will start to appear. This is supposed to reflect the hidden identity aspect that comes with being a police officer in NI. The edge pages between the cover and content is a memorial for the 301 officers and staff of the RUC in which died on/off duty as a result of the troubles conflict. The red fade spine represents the blood that has been shed and is supposed to look as though the book is bleeding which is another visual element that I thought would be interesting.

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